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About Total Hosting Solutions

We manage it all!


Our Story

The heartbeat of Total Hosting Solutions (THS)  is quality service. The founder of our company created a business model that would counter the adage “good help is hard to find”. Many hosts and property owners often discuss the disappointment they feel when working with corporate property management companies, and so we’ve created the solution to owners feeling like it’s just about the money.


Our company takes pride in doing well consistently, keeping in close contact to answer your questions, and generating more revenue for you and your family. The vacation rental market is busy with first-time investors and everyday workers seeking new opportunities to increase their monthly income. We want to be the support you turn to when trying to navigate getting started, implementing systems, and keeping up with ever-evolving short-term rental trends.


We want to alleviate worries one host at a time.

Shaneel Sanders

Founder of Total Hosting Solutions

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